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About Gensolaria Energy Modules

The portable, combined wind and solar energy module. Our personal renewable energy module is a compact, manually portable appliance. Having solar panels, wind turbines and a rechargeable battery, this versatile device will - provide electricity for people in remote and distressed areas on a small scale for essential energy needs, help people lower their reliance on harmful non-renewable, large-scale energy supplies, form micro-grids when several units are connected together, with its appealing design help create a positive context for environmental awareness and action. The Problem: Evidence for the need for alternative energy is provided by the  IPCC renewable energy report  on the mitigation of climate change and coping with the effects. The Gensolaria product will fill the gap between large scale, renewable solar and wind resources and smaller experimental, hobby, or do-it-yourself projects. There are many small-scale solar devices for supplementing energy; however there are very li