About Gensolaria Energy Modules

The portable, combined wind and solar energy module.
Our personal renewable energy module is a compact, manually portable appliance.
Having solar panels, wind turbines and a rechargeable battery, this versatile device will -

  • provide electricity for people in remote and distressed areas on a small scale for essential energy needs,
  • help people lower their reliance on harmful non-renewable, large-scale energy supplies,
  • form micro-grids when several units are connected together,
  • with its appealing design help create a positive context for environmental awareness and action.

The Problem:

Evidence for the need for alternative energy is provided by the IPCC renewable energy report on the mitigation of climate change and coping with the effects. The Gensolaria product will fill the gap between large scale, renewable solar and wind resources and smaller experimental, hobby, or do-it-yourself projects.

There are many small-scale solar devices for supplementing energy; however there are very limited small-scale wind energy devices. Moreover there are no devices that combine wind and solar on a manually portable scale, though similar implementations exist for residential purposes.


The Solution:

The Personal Renewable Energy Module is a portable device in which solar and wind energy can be stored in a rechargeable battery, which is part of the unit.

The problem of large wind turbines requiring wind at high velocity and altitude is addressed by this appliance, which uses a proprietary design (patent pending) for its wind rotors whose innovative operation mitigates wind resistance, and incorporates existing solar energy collection methods and electrical systems. The innovative wind rotor can operate in low wind areas to power an A/C turbine that creates electricity for charging the battery.

The single unit is not intended to replace conventional energy, rather it is a supplement in relief or emergency situations where electricity is limited or unavailable.

For Investors



  • Weight: 23 Kg.
  • Dimensions (L X W X H): 826 mm X 250 mm X 652 mm
  • Battery capacity: 22 Ah (replaceable battery)
  • Continuous power output: 400 W
  • Surge power output: 800 W


  • Max. Solar Power: 112 W
  • Max. Wind Power: 80 W


  • Portable to carry
  • Indicator for battery voltage, power, current etc.
  • Panel close detection, with auto shut-off
  • Low-voltage cut-offs, in case of no wind/sun
  • Replaceable battery; can charge multiple batteries, or one big battery
  • Corrosion-resistant plastic body construction


This video, courtesy of altE Store, will help you understand how alternative solar or wind energy is limited to use with appliances on a priority basis. In other words a portable device like ours is intended for use when a 24/7 energy supply is NOT available.